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FX Update: Risk assets hold ground

Market Overview

Key Points:

• Bank of America is forecasting 75 points of rate cuts in 2024, the first around June.
• US authorities are becoming increasingly sure that Wagner boss Prigozhin has died in the recent plane crash.
• Former US president Donald Trump’s trial for election interference has been set for 4th March 2024
• China has ditched the last of their travel restrictions with travellers not having to take a test 48 hours prior to entry into the country.
• The US Dollar (USD) has been the strongest currency over the month of August with the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) underperforming, the worst performer.

Major Announcements last week:
• US Home Sales q/q -1.0% vs -1.6% previous
• UK Manufacturing drops to 6 month low
• UoM Consumer Sentiment 69.5 vs 71.2
• French Manufacturing 46.4 in July vs 42.8 predicted

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