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Save considerably on Foreign Currency Exchange

Buy and sell Foreign Currency without paying high banking fees. Install the app, request a deal, send us the funds and we will take care of the rest.

✓  Equivalent of 100 billion NZD exchanged annually  ✓  No or low fees   ✓  Live rates
Direct FX App

Stop Losing Money on High Banking Fees

When making currency transfers, we are an alternative to traditional banks.

Problems with banks

Unfavorable exchange rates
Too many unknowns

Why use Direct FX instead?

Significantly better exchange rates
Can pass on significantly better exchange rates than traditional banks.
We use plain English
We give general product advice in plain English. We explain the choices, benefits, and risks of foreign exchange products
No, or low fees
We charge no, or low transaction fees. We build our fees and margins into the rate we quote you (in most cases).
Informed decisions
Our general product advice helps clients make informed decisions about personal currency transfers.

Our Fees

Our fees are straightforward and fully transparent. You get one quote and everything is included in it.


Account maintenance fee.  Transfer funds whenever you want to. We do not have any inactivity charges.


Transaction fees. We charge no, or low transaction fees. We build our fees and margins into the rate we quote you (in most cases).


Account registration. Creating an account with us is absolutely free and it will stay that way.

An Example of Savings

Here is an example of transferring 100,000 NZD to AUD.

Traditional banks

They quote you: 0.9337

Fee: 0.5% fee

You get: AUD 92,900


Direct FX

We quote you: 0.9300

Fee: 0.0% fee

You get: AUD 93,000

Our New Mobile App

The mobile app is a convenient way to check on current exchange rates, read about market trends or Request a deal.

Manage Your Forex in No Time

It takes only a few minutes to register an account. After that, you’ll receive further instructions on how to transfer the funds. Once the funds are in our accounts you can begin trading. It is that easy!

Client Testimonials

We are proud that 438+ customers rated us 4.9/5 on TrustPilot. Here are some of their reviews.

Wouldn’t now go anywhere else

I used two of the major international FOREX companies before finding Direct FX. Direct FX service is better than anything I have ever experienced elsewhere in Forex, their response times are swift and they are an NZ company. If that wasn’t a good enough reason to change, their rates are way more competitive than anything I experienced with the “big guys”.

Date of experience: 12 July 2022

The process was efficient

The process was efficient. I received a swift code to transfer money from US in US dollars to a Direct FX account in NZ where the money was stored in US Dollars. I received a message once the money was transferred and had a chance to convert it to my local bank account in NZ dollars when I thought the exchange rate was favorable.

The whole process was efficient and ran smoothly. I could email and/or caall when I had questions.

Date of experience: 12 November 2021

I’ve always found DFX to be a great way…

I’ve always found DFX to be a great way to exchange my finances. Fast efficient service at a great rate. The app gives me all that I need although sometimes the rates shown are a little higher than what is offered. Thats down to changing markets I guess. I’ve used DFX for two and a half years and I will continue to use DFX, it’s the best I’ve found so far.

Date of experience: 29 March 2022

I wouldn’t use anyone else

I have used DFX many times over the last 5 years. I used to shop around for the best rates. I don’t anymore because the DFX rates were better every time. The phone service is fast and easy. The agents are always friendly and explain everything. Turn around/transfer time is prompt. I have been and continue to be a very satisfied customer.

Date of experience: 22 December 2021

We Are Available Worldwide

Direct FX accepts transfers from most countries with a few exceptions like Cuba, Iran and Iraq. Contact us if you wish to confirm we can receive payment from the country you require.