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When converting Australian Dollars to Canadian Dollars (AUD to CAD), or CAD to AUD, by exchanging via Direct FX, you will save a significant amount of money. Our wholesale currency exchange rates for money transfers are significantly more competitive than bank foreign exchange rates. Being Australasian based, we specialise in knowing what drives AUD/CAD currency conversion rates.

AUD to CAD Overview: Both the Australian and Canadian dollars are regarded are commodity currencies. AUD CAD is a relatively stable currency pair. The CAD fortunes are more closely aligned with those of the US, as it is their largest trading partner and neighbour. The AUD fortunes are aligned with those of Australia and Asian emerging markets. A break down in correlation can happen in periods of dislocated global growth as we have seen following the 2008 global financial crisis. The AUD closer ties to the Asian economies has seen it consolidate at historically elevated levels again the CAD.


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Historical Ranges: 1 year 5 years 10 years
AUD/CAD .9731 – 1.0395 .9134 – 1.0715 .7162 – 1.0779

Current Official Cash Rates:
Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA): 1.00%         Bank of Canada (BoC): 1.75%

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The Australian Dollar (AUD) was boosted Monday from a Chinese report playing down the significance of cancelling planned visits to farm states in the US with China’s Ministry of Commerce saying last week’s trade chats were constructive. Trading around the 0.8985 area this week’s action will be influenced by offshore headlines with only Governor Orr speaking tonight on the calendar. Crude oil prices continue to support the Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Exchange Rates
Current Level: 0.892
Resistance: 0.9140
Support: 0.8940
Last Weeks Range: 0.8965-0.9103

Early in the week the Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD) pair recovered to 0.9125 after dipping to 0.9075 based on the oil price spike, but Tuesday the Aussie was soon under pressure. Canadian CPI m/m printed at -0.1% less than the -0.2% markets were expecting. Year on year CPI came in at 1.9% to August down from the 2.0% in July. Australian Jobs data fall short of market expectations when the unemployment rate rose to 5.3% from 5.2% although employment numbers increased by 22,000 from 15,000. Trading Friday price is holding up around the 0.9000 level but we see a retest of the low at 0.8910 on the horizon.

Exchange Rates
The current interbank midrate is: AUDCAD 0.9001
The interbank range this week has been: AUDCAD 0.8990- 0.9125

With the Crude Oil price jumping over 20% to 62.50 per barrel after a Saudi Arabia oil field was bombed over the weekend price in the Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD) fell to 0.9070 from 0.9140 on Monday’s open. It has since recovered slightly to 0.9100 as we await further news as to how oil reserves will impact price over the next few days with overall market supply. The RBA publish their policy minutes from the last meeting on 3 Sep today along with House Price Index results for the second quarter ending June with expectations of a drop of 1% in the house price medium. Attention will then turn to Canadian CPI m/m and later in the week Aussie employment data with unemployment expected to remain at 5.2%. Although the last two weeks have been profitable for the AUD trading off the low off 0.8915 we still think downside risks remain.

Exchange Rates
Current Level:0.9074
Support: 0.9060
Last Weeks Range: 0.9065-0.9143

A quiet week of any meaningful economic data in the Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD) cross has seen the Aussie extend last week’s gains to 0.9080 in general risk on conditions. NAB Business confidence showed a slight deterioration in August with Westpac consumer sentiment also printing down on expectations with pressures continuing on family finances and concerns around near term economic outlook. Price at 0.9070 sits at a six-week high with strong resistance on the chart at 0.9100. Next week’s calendar should give us more volatility with Australian employment figures and Canadian CPI m/m publishing.

Exchange Rates
The current interbank midrate is: AUDCAD 0.9074
The interbank range this week has been: AUDCAD 0.9004- 0.9089

The Australian Dollar (AUD) has pushed higher Monday continuing last week’s form off the low of 0.8925 back over 0.9000 psychological level to 0.9045 Tuesday. A healthy risk appetite continues with US equities extending their run off the back of last week’s with China agreeing to sit back at the table with US officials to nut out trade negotiations. Canadian employment boosted the CAD momentarily Friday after figures showed 81,000 people were added to the workforce and the unemployment rate remained stable at 5.7%. With a lack of any real data publishing this week price may drift around current levels, perhaps track a touch higher is risk allows.

Exchange Rates
Current Level:0.9036
Resistance: 0.9050
Support: 0.8930
Last Weeks Range: 0.8924-0.9056

The Australian Dollar (AUD) pushed higher to 0.9050 midweek as buoyant economic data surprised taking price to a two week high against the Canadian Dollar (CAD). The Bank of Canada left rates unchanged Thursday at 1.75 the seventh time in a row and surprisingly indicated no further cuts were on the radar. The Loonie recaptured earlier losses trading back under 0.9000 a pivotal level to 0.8985. Aussie Trade Balance followed printing higher than predicted taking the cross back above 0.9000 into Friday. Next week will be quiet on the data front, we see topside action capped around 0.9050

Exchange Rates
The current interbank midrate is: AUDCAD 0.9008
The interbank range this week has been: AUDCAD 0.8923- 0.9050

It’s a massive week on the calendar for data in the Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD) pair with a slew of market moving reports to publish. After a week of wild swings, the cross has looked settled so far this week with a Canadian holiday monday making for thin trading conditions. Price waits around 0.8950 level with Aussie Retail Sales, Current Account and the all important RBA cash rate announcement and statement at 4.30 NZT. No change from the 1.0% is forecast today. Thursday’s Bank of Canada rate announcement and statement publish early Friday morning and is also not expected to change from the current 1.75%. Last on the docket is Canadian employment saturday morning. Moves this week will be clearly data dependant its anyone’s guess as to where the cross could close the week- My prediction is somewhere around 0.8900

Exchange Rates
Current Level: 0.8940
Resistance: 0.9050
Support: 0.8910
Last Weeks Range: 0.8911-0.8996

A risk on, risk off mood this week was captured in the Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD) pair with volatility high. Price initially looked to push back into the 90’s but was met with poor Australian Construction figures followed by CAPEX results. Construction in Australia has worsened with a contraction over the second quarter. At around 0.8950 Friday we are close to the weekly low and expect to see a break lower if today’s Building Approvals prints down on predictions.

Exchange Rates
The current interbank midrate is: AUDCAD 0.8924
The interbank range this week has been: AUDCAD 0.8915- 0.9013

The Australian Dollar (AUD) fell to a three week low of 0.8915 on Monday’s open against the Canadian Dollar (CAD) as currencies gaped lower on trade war fears. Equity markets and risk assets then made up losses when reports surfaced that Chinese officials called Trump wanting to restart trade talks. Better than expected Canadian Retail Sales was overshadowed by the initial escalation of trade was tensions. Any momentum towards 0.9020 looks well capped with further declines expected this week on risk appetite. Canadian Current Account and Aussie Building approvals print Friday.

Exchange Rates
Current Level: 0.8971
Resistance: 0.9040
Support: 0.8920
Last Weeks Range: 0.8906-0.9046

The Australian Dollar (AUD) looks to have turned a corner against the Canadian Dollar (CAD) as price pushed back over 0.9000 Monday to 0.9015. With recent CAD weakness and last week’s upbeat employment figures the Aussie has enjoyed fresh support coming off the low of 0.8880 a fortnight ago. Today’s monetary policy minutes from the RBA meeting on August 6th holds market attention with CAD Retail Sales later in the week. More AUD/CAD updates.

Exchange Rates
Current Level: 0.9008
Resistance: 0.9050
Support: 0.8980
Last Weeks Range: 0.8930-0.9047

The Australian Dollar (AUD) has steadily improved over the week against the Canadian Dollar (CAD) back into the 90’s to 0.9030 after Aussie employment data impressed. Wage price inflation rose to 0.6% from 0.5% for the quarter to June as well as an increase to the number of new people employed which rose from a flat 500 in June to 41,000 in July after an expected 15,000 was predicted. The unemployment rate stayed at 5.2% since rising in March from 5.0%. Crude oil is holding steady around the 54.00 area but dipped 1% overnight putting added strain on the Loonie. Market focus is now with next week’s Canadian CPI m/m and Retails Sales. I’m picking a continuation of the current trend with price reaching 0.9050 before the weekly close.

Exchange Rates
The current interbank midrate is: AUDCAD 0.9025
The interbank range this week has been: AUDCAD 0.8921- 0.9042

The Australian Dollar (AUD) perked up to 0.9050 late last week against the Canadian Dollar in what turned out to be a weekly high before retracing earlier moves lower. Canadian Unemployment came in terrible for the second month running as jobs numbers shrank to -24,000 after a rise of 15,000 was expected. Also unemployment rose to 5.7% from 5.5% boosting rhetoric around whether the Bank of Canada should cut rates. Tuesday’s price sees the cross trading just off the historical low seen last week at 0.8940. A retest of 0.8885 looks on the cards if Australian jobs data doesn’t improve this week.

Exchange Rates
Current Level: 0.8945
Resistance: 0.9050
Support: 0.8890
Last Weeks Range: 0.8889-0.9050

After reaching a historic low of 0.8890 post RBNZ announcement Wednesday the Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD) bounced sharply higher Friday to 0.9050 a weekly high. Crude Oil continues to put pressure on the CAD although it rose 3% overnight to 53.00. The RBA announced Tuesday they were keeping the benchmark cash rate at 1.0% with the global outlook remaining questionable and inflation expectations low. This had very little impact on the Aussie dollar movement after the release. An easing bias still remains for the RBA with expectations of further cuts expected based on a “if needed” scenario. Key Canadian Unemployment prints to tomorrow morning is not the focus. Anyone sellers of AUDCAD should consider current prices.

Exchange Rates
The current interbank midrate is: AUDCAD 0.9008
The interbank range this week has been: AUDCAD 0.8889- 0.9050

The Australian Dollar (AUD) continued its fortnight run lower into Tuesday against the Canadian Dollar (CAD) to 0.8920, the lowest price seen in many years. Strong Canadian Trade Balance at 0.1B compared to -0.3B forecast boosted the CAD Friday into the close, despite falling Crude Oil values. Today’s RBA cash rate and statement is the highlight on the calendar this week with markets split as to whether we will see a cut to 0.75% or pause until the November meeting. We expect more downside to continue.

Exchange Rates
Current Level: 0.8949
Resistance: 0.9070
Support: 0.8915
Last Weeks Range: 0.8901-0.9095

As we noted in the last commentary the Australian Dollar (AUD) has been unable to hold the support level of 0.9070 falling to a multi year low against the Canadian Dollar (CAD) to 0.8990. Quarterly CPI rose to 0.6% from 0.5% markets were expecting causing a pause to the downside midweek momentum, but with Canadian GDP releasing at 0.2% after 0.1% highlighting a third straight month of increases the Aussie was again under heavy pressure. With price extending below 0.9000 we could see further lower levels reached especially if next week’s RBA on Tuesday is dovish going forward.

Exchange Rates
The current interbank midrate is: AUDCAD 0.8991
The interbank range this week has been: AUDCAD 0.8976- 0.9067

The Australian Dollar (AUD) continues to not only look very poorly against the Canadian Dollar (CAD) but across the board as it has depreciated a large chunk over the past week. Two weeks prior the Aussie had one of its best weeks of 2019 rallying 150 points to 0.9250 but has since continued its bearish quest to scary low levels today of 0.9080. There is not much cushion between solid support of 0.9070 and dropping further into the abyss and levels not seen for several years. Today’s Aussie Building Approvals and tomorrow’s quarterly CPI should give us more clues as to direction and where we can expect price to be. Also later this week Australian Retail Sales followed by Canadian Trade Balance will be closely watched by markets. With the CAD offering 1.75% and the AUD 1.0% return on cash lower prices in this pair may already be a forgone conclusion especially with talk of the RBA easing further.

Exchange Rates
Current Level: 0.9086
Resistance: 0.9200
Support: 0.9070
Last Weeks Range: 0.9076-0.9246

Support for the Australian Dollar (AUD) over the past two weeks ended abruptly Tuesday after price moved sharply lower from the 0.9240 high to 0.9130 against the Canadian Dollar (CAD). Initially continuing last week’s momentum with disappointing Canadian Core Retail Sales -0.3% vs +0.3% devaluing the CAD. But with RBS’s Lowe making comment more cuts could be on the horizon economic data dependant the Aussie lost its mojo sinking a fresh weekly low. Unplanned outages and sanctions on Iran and Venezuela to oil production suggesting a recent decrease of around 8% are the reasons why oil prices have been recently well supported thus boosting the Loonie. Next week’s Canadian monthly GDP and Australian Retail Sales feature.

Exchange Rates
The current interbank midrate is: AUDCAD 0.9140
The interbank range this week has been: AUDCAD 0.9132- 0.9247

We have seen choppy trading in this pair over the past week, but ultimately it’s the Australain dollar (AUD) which has had the upper hand. Disappointing data from Canada at the end of last week, in the form of Core Retail Sales which printed at -0.3% vs +0.3% expected, pressure the Canadian dollar (CAD) and helped to drive the pair to the week’s high of 0.9241. Currently the market is trading just below there at 0.9231. The economic calendar this week looks very light from both countries with just a speech from RBA Gov Lowe of any note. We favour the AUD continuing to outperform the CAD with a target of 0.9315 over the coming week or two.

Exchange Rates
Current Level: 0.9231
Resistance: 0.9315
Support: 0.9165
Last Weeks Range: 0.9142-0.9242

The Australian dollar (AUD) has had a strong week against its Canadian counterpart rallying from a low of 0.9072 to currently trade at 0.9182, just shy of key resistance around 0.9200. A dovish statement from the Bank of Canada after their latest interest rate meeting helped to drive the move, as did yesterday’s release of stronger than forecast Chinese activity data. All eyes now shift to the RBA minutes set for release in the coming hours. On Thursday we then have Australian employment numbers to digest. Resistance around 0.9200 should provide a tough barrier to crack, and any move above there would be a bullish sign.

Exchange Rates
Current Level: 0.9184
Resistance: 0.9200
Support: 0.9070
Last Weeks Range: 0.9073-0.9187

The Canadian dollar (CAD) has outperformed the Australian dollar (AUD) over the past week, driving the pair to a low of 0.9110 in the wake of Fridays employment data. That’s the second time the pair has tested the 0.9110 area, after bouncing from there a couple of weeks ago. Whether or not that support level continues to hold will largely depend on what the Bank of Canada say at their regular interest rate meeting this week. They are not expected to cut interest rates at all and they may well upgrade their forecasts for GDP over the coming months. That should support the CAD and potentially see the AUDCAD have another crack at 0.9110 support.

Exchange Rates
Current Level: 0.9130
Resistance: 0.9200
Support: 0.9110
Last Weeks Range: 0.9110-0.9204

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