About Direct FX

Direct FX is a privately owned New Zealand company. 

We are a non bank financial intermediary, providing foreign exchange services to retail and wholesale markets. When making currency transfers we are an alternative to traditional banks. We arrange global currency payments and transfers for personal and business clients. Our clients’ needs range from small one off personal transfers, to multinational companies dealing with large cross-border currency transactions on a regular basis. We save our clients time and money because we:

    • Provide significantly better exchange rates than the banks
    • Do not charge personal or business clients fees
    • Have over 150 years experience arranging currency transactions
    • Arrange annually the equivalent of 100 billion NZD in currency exchanges
    • Stream line the process

Testament to the professionalism and competitiveness and of our service is the fact banks themselves use us to arrange currency exchanges between each other, and have done so for many years. No other service provider of our kind is used by personal and business clients, as well as banks, in Australasia.

Our Business Philosophy

We must continually deliver results that exceed the expectations of our clients, because every client is a salesperson for our company. We don’t want our personal and business clients to be merely happy with the results we produce, we want them to be genuinely shocked, when they compare the financial savings and enhanced service levels we can provide.