Direct FX

FX Rates

Banks profit from personal and business currency transactions by:

• Charging spread income
• Charging transaction fees

Spread income is the difference (spread) between the wholesale exchange rate where banks off set your transaction, and the exchange rate they provide to you. The spread charged by banks in general ranges from one to two percent of the transaction amount. On top of the spread, transaction fees may also be charged.

Direct FX charge no or low transaction fees.

We also make our income by charging a spread. However we are able to provide personal and business clients with exceptionally competitive exchange rates, because our spread is considerably smaller.

We can do this because:

• We have direct access to the rates banks buy and sell off each other
• Bank exchange rates are generally extremely wide
• We have a unique position in the foreign exchange market in Australasia
• Our private ownership allows us to source client rates in an unbiased manner

Our exchange rates to you will vary depending on the:

• Transactions size
• Currencies being bought and sold
• Prevailing market conditions

We do not publish our rates because:

• We are voice facilitator transaction specialists
• We believe clients receive the best service, when talking directly to us