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EURO/NZD Transfer

The bear trend momentum in the New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Euro (EUR) kicked into another gear Monday deepening the long-term reversal seen in the cross from mid August’s 1.8460 (0.5420) to 1.7755 (0.5630) today. A breakout past 0.5585 (1.7900) looks to have completed on the chart, the signal needed for a new trend supporting the NZD for a run up to 0.5655 (1.7680). We will certainly see over the coming days if our direction hunch is correct, and the kiwi etches out a longer-term base.

Current Level: 1.7771
Resistance: 1.8400
Support: 1.7560
Last Weeks Range: 1.7790 – 1.8081

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