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EURO/NZD Transfer

Yesterday’s NZ inflation expectations release put the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) under pressure against the Euro (EUR) the cross falling to 0.5570 (1.7945) off 0.5595 (1.7880). The 2-year inflation forecast decreased from 2.5% to 2.33% with the 1 year decreasing to 2.73% down from 3.22%. Earlier Lagarde confirmed a rate cut by the European Central Union will happen in the June meeting easing its monetary policy from 4.35%. We expect a slow burn in  the cross back to 0.5650 (1.7700) resistance over the next while.

Current Level: 1.7946
Resistance: 1.8120
Support: 1.7830
Last Weeks Range: 1.7853 – 1.7965

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