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NZD/GBP Transfer

NZ Inflation expectations were revised lower to 2.76% from 2.83% over the next two years with the Cash Rate to stay at 5.50% until Dec 2023 and dip to 4.99% by September 2024. The report also highlighted GDP to be around 1.26% over the next year increasing to 2.15% in two years. Bank of England’s Bailey was on the wires a little less dovish than the Bank of England have been of late saying it was too early to talk about cutting rates. The cross should bounce around these current ranges into the weekly close.

The current interbank midrate is: NZDGBP 0.4821 GBPNZD 2.0742

The interbank range this week has been: NZDGBP 0.4803- 0.4850 GBPNZD 2.0616- 2.0817

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