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  • ECB’s Nagel has said the central bank will make a rate decision in the May meeting- interest rates are expected to be hiked earlier than predicted and could rise to 1.5% to 2.0% in the long term
  • Shanghai is in the middle of a complete lockdown with the population of 26 million been tested
  • The UK is gearing up to send armoured vehicles to Ukraine
  • Australian Trade Balance figures reported a large miss in February at 7.46B with expectations of 12B predicted
  • Bank of Japan’s Noguchi sayings if energy prices continue to rise it will raise inflation and dampen the economy
  • Calls by analysts post the earlier week’s RBA meeting are suggesting the RBA could lift rates in the May meeting forward from August after Governor Lowe was more hawkish than anticipated 
  • Indications from the FOMC suggest they will hike the Fed rate 50 points in early May and again later in the year
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