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AUD/EUR Transfer

The Euro (EUR) Extended its run of declines through Wednesday the cross posting 0.6980 (1.4320) a fresh April 2017 – 4 year high. Eurozone sentiment is still being pounded with March figures dropping 5 points to 108 against expectations of 109 as consumer confidence nose dives. Ukraine is seeking much tougher sanctions on Russia as the war rages on leaving more than 4 million people either killed, injured, or vacated. Nearly a quarter of the population have been left1 homeless leaving Russia nearly totally isolated on the world stage. Ukraine president Zelenskiy has said more needs to be done as they are left vulnerable to further attacks. US and European equities improved Thursday improving sentiment and moving price in the cross back to 0.6880 (1.4540). The key standout on next week’s economic docket is the ECB rate release and statement.

Exchange Rates:
The current interbank midrate is: AUDEUR 0.6881 EURAUD 1.4532
The interbank range this week has been: AUDEUR 0.6777- 0.6985 EURAUD 1.4317- 1.4755

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