We have direct open phone lines of communication to all major bank treasury currency traders in Australasia. In the course of our trading day, we arrange many hundreds of millions in currency transactions for them. This does not give us the ability to predict currency moves.

However it does provide us with a unique position in that we transact directly with those at the coal face of the foreign exchange market in our region.

This means we can provide our business clients with:

• The most up to date insight into what may be driving currency moves
• Ongoing specific currency updates if required
• An ability to directly access the views of bank currency traders

Ultimately every client must make their own transaction decisions based on their specific currency requirements and situation. We believe access to our advice, whilst general in nature, allows our business clients to:

• Make their own informed decisions
• Gain ongoing insight into currency markets not possible via their traditional banking relationship
• Concentrate on their core business