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FX News for 2020-10-30

Worldwide coronavirus cases surpass 45.3 million with over 1,185,000 official deaths.

        Key Points:

  • Angela Merkel confirmed this week that the goal of the latest wave of pandemic measures was to reduce contact of people who don’t live together by 75% in efforts to return to a level of fewer than 50 or less cases per 100,000 people. Merkel is hoping the plan will work by the end of November. 
  • US stimulus talks between the Democrats and Republicans are dead but not buried with negotiations most likely to resume post the US election
  • US new confirmed coronavirus cases set a new single day record of more than 83,400
  • US third quarter GDP comes in at 33.0% up from estimates of 31.0% 
  • Coronavirus in France is becoming dire with full lockdowns considered for 3 major cities – Paris, Lyon and Marseille
  • NZ third quarter job ads are down 9.9% 
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