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This Weeks Key Points

Key Points:

  • Worldwide coronavirus cases surpass 260.178 million with over 5.197 million official deaths.
  • New Zealand has 5213 active cases of coronavirus with 178 new cases today and 1 death. Meanwhile, the Australian State of New South Wales reported 276 new cases and 0 deaths yesterday with Victoria reporting 1196 new cases with 3 deaths
  • In the latest moves to curb he covid pandemic in Europe France will reinforce their borders as covid infections rise. Austria has locked down and Germany is about to
  • After the latest Fed Minutes we now know that several members prefer a swifter taper, watch policy start to change over the coming months. We expect the Fed to hike 3 times next year
  • A new covid variant B11529 has been identified in Botswana with a few cases identified, labelled by virologist Tom Peacock at the Imperial College of London as “really awful”
  • The USD is the strongest currency this week and the New Zealand Dollar is the weakest on the main board
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