Personal currency transfers are necessary for many reasons. For individuals moving to another country or selling an asset overseas it may mean selling one currency to buy another.

Even for those with some foreign exchange experience, arranging currency transfers with their bank will often be time consuming, expensive, and result in transfers executed at exchange rates that are a considerable distance from where the interbank market is trading. The overall level of service many banks give their personal clients is, in our view, often vastly inadequate, given the transfer values involved. Such bank transactions are often completed at a significant cost to the client.

When making currency transfers, we are an alternative to traditional banks. We get better results for our clients because we:

• Can pass on significantly better exchange rates than traditional banks
• Have over 150 years experience arranging transactions for banks in the interbank market
• Understand the global bank payment system
• Charge no, or low transaction fees

We give general product advice in plain English. We explain the choices, benefits, and risks of foreign exchange products. Combined we have over 150 years experience supporting bank currency traders, who deal with us directly. Our general product advice helps clients make informed decisions.