We have direct phone lines of communication with all major bank treasuries in Australasia. Combined we have over 150 years experience giving advise to, and arranging currency transactions for bank treasury currency traders. In the course of our trading day, we arrange many hundreds of millions of dollars in currency transactions for banks. This does not give us the ability to predict currency moves.

This is because with an average daily turnover of 3 to 4 trillion, the global foreign exchange market is so big no one participant (except central banks) can influence or continually predict market moves.

However we are in a very unique position, in that we are in constant contact with and transact directly for, the bank currency traders in our region.

This means we can provide our personal clients with:

• The most up to date insight into what may be driving currency moves
• An ability to directly access the views of bank currency traders
• A lot more than just the financial savings our exceptional exchange rates provide

We will give you general product advice, in plain English. We will explain the choices, benefits and risks of foreign exchange products. We can discuss recent and historical levels of the currencies you are exposed to. We can give you an overview of the current market consensus. We will never however claim to know where currencies will trade in the future, or that we can achieve the best possible execution level for you. No one can promise this.

Ultimately every client must make their own transaction decisions based on their specific currency requirements and situation. We believe access to our advice allows our personal clients to:

• Make their own informed decisions
• Gain a level of insight they would not get from their bank
• Receive value from our service that is in addition to receiving an exceptional exchange rate

Be very wary of anyone or any company, who claim to provide more.