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NZD/AUD (AUD/NZD) Conversion:

The Australian Dollar (AUD) has reversed last week’s losses against the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) into Tuesday, the pair trading to 0.9070 (1.1030) from the open at 0.9140 (1.0940). The Aussie better bid off the back off sinking NZ House prices, talk of recessions and a spike in Ore prices (135.50). Aussie GDP q/q is expected to print later today at 0.6% – well down from the last Q of 2021 at 3.4%. However, some analysts predict growth could print higher than forecast thus giving the AUD a possible boost.

Current Level: 0.9077 (1.1009)
Resistance: 0.9190 (1.1100)
Support: 0.9010 (1.0880)
Last Weeks Range: 0.9071-0.9182 (1.0890-1.1023)

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