Get to know more about each team member below. If you would like to speak to one of the foreign exchange dealers, please reach out or get a free online quote.

Neven Fisher has been involved with in the Foreign Exchange Markets since obtaining his first position in Corporate Treasury at the NZ Apple and Pear Marketing Board in 1991. Over the years Nev has worked in Treasuries for the ANZ Bank, Bank of NZ and National Australia Bank in Melbourne. Recently Nev has been on the dealing desks for non bank Foreign Exchange companies such as Velocity Trade and Collinson & Co. Nev joined the Direct FX team in 2018. Outside the office Nev can often be seen ocean swimming around NZ.

Ian Dobbs has over 23 years’ experience in the financial markets starting as a FX Dealer in the NZ banking sector in 1995. He’s actively traded a range of financial instruments including, foreign exchange, short term interest rates, bonds, swaps, and futures. Ian is passionate about the financial markets and his understanding of macroeconomic fundamentals can help customers appreciate the key underlying forces driving markets. Ian enjoys fishing for snapper in the Hauraki Gulf